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Holistic Transitions Coach and End-of-Life Doula

Holistic Transitions Coach and End-of-Life Doula

LGBT+ Welcoming 


LGBT+ Welcoming 

Witnessing Your Journey


Deep, Active Listening

Every person encounters unique challenges throughout their lifetime. Self-doubt can be paralyzing especially if you've experienced judgement or shame. You may need a sounding board: someone who can hear and allow what you want to express. You decide when you are ready to initiate change in your own life. Work with a compassionate, objective coach to address obstacles blocking the path to your fulfillment.


Individualized Support

It is common to feel frustration when we can't see through the fog of our feelings. Often we fear what we may experience in the uncertain future. Other times we dread repeating past "mistakes". Sorting through your thoughts can help you see what you need to do next. With a confidential, objective peer guide providing customized input, you can make real progress toward your personal, spiritual, relationship, and professional goals.


End-of-Life Doula Services

One event that every living being experiences is death. With planning and honesty, we can approach dying with clarity, less fear, and space for emotional healing. Many loved ones find this time to be rich and memorable, full of unique opportunities for closeness and reflection. As a death doula, I will support your wishes with respect and flexibility. Our mutual goal is that the dying person will be accompanied and attended emotionally and spiritually throughout this natural, inevitable process. 

It is never too early or too late to engage end-of-life services: from curiosity to terminal prognosis, active dying to early grief processing and referrals. Let's start the conversation today.